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All classes are held on Wednesday evenings at the
Carroll County Agriculture Center, Westminster, MD

Basic Obedience     (8:15 to 9:10)     Cost:  $100
Pre-Registration Required

The Owner is shown how to work with their dog to become a team. All work is done on lead. This class teaches the handler how to train basic commands such as heeling, sit, down, come and stay.

This class is for dogs over 4 months of age. The class consists of one orientation class (without the dog) and 8 weeks of class instruction. Upon successful completion of this class a Certificate is awarded. This will make you eligible to become a DOTC Training Member and advance to the next level of obedience training.

My dog's supposed
to do what?


Advanced Classes     (7:00 to 7:45pm)  
Cost: Annual Training Member Dues - $70

For dogs that have successfully completed the basic training class. These classes are not as structured as the Basic class. You will continue in each level until the instructor feels that you are ready to move on to the next level. The class levels in order of progress are:

Advanced Basic Intermediate

Novice Show Open Utility


Rally Classes & Run-Throughs    (7:00 to 7:45pm)  
Cost: Annual Training Member Dues - $70

Both “Rally Novice” and “Rally Beyond Novice” are offered by DOTC, in rotation with Rally Run-Throughs, at its training facility, The Pikesville Armory.  There are 8 weeks of instruction, followed by 8 weeks of Run-Throughs.

These classes are open to all DOTC Training and Voting members.  They are free for DOTC members.  They are also open to the general public, for a fee, and with proof of your dog’s ability to pass a Basic Obedience test and a current rabies vaccine.  Non-members may pay $10/class or join DOTC as a Training Member.

 “Rally Novice Class”, for absolute beginners, will be taught by Gail Phillips. Dogs must have passed DOTC’s Basic Obedience Class, or an equivalent.  They must be able to heel, sit, come, and down, reliably, on command. You will receive a set of practice cards so that you will be able to practice the skills at home.

The Rally Novice Class will meet at 7PM.  It will conclude in time for “Heeling Class” at 7:45. 

Beyond Novice” will start at the conclusion of “Heeling Class”, at approximately 8:00PM.  It will be taught by Linda Hulbert.  It will cover the Rally Advanced and the Rally Excellent sign.

These classes will be instructional and will provide realistic “show ring” practice.  As the skills are acquired, there will be opportunity to put them to use in class.  “Ring Etiquette” will also be part of the instruction.

You may take these classes as many times as you like, but will need to sign up each session. Anyone who would like to attend these classes may contact Gail Phillips at  There will be a limit of 6 human/dog teams per class. A waiting list will be started, once the limit of 6 teams/class has been reached. The folks on the waiting list will have first opportunity to join the next 8 week session.

Rally Run-Throughs
Rally Run-Throughs are  free to DOTC members.  They will cost $10/team/run for non-members.  There will be a course set up with Novice, as well as some Advanced and Excellent signs, in addition to the Novice sign, at some stations.  You can mix/match skills to fit your needs. Only 6 dog/handler teams will be taken for each run.  You can contact Gail Phillips ( to sign up for either the 7PM or the 8PM run.

Rally Novice Rally Beyond Novice

Rally Runthroughs


Heeling Class  (7:50 to 8:10pm)  
Cost: Included with your Annual Membership

This is a twenty minute class primarily for heeling practice. Any DOTC training member and dog having completed basic training is welcome to join this group. This class is for all training levels above Basic and is a fun way to work with your dog.


Handling Classes

Beginners & Advanced 
(7:30 to 8:30 pm)

No Pre-Registration Needed

Conformation Handling Classes are held on a drop-in basis from September through May. Rabies Certification is a must and dogs must be at least 5 months old. We teach handling skills for the Breed Ring. Presentation of the dog to the judge, movement of your dog along with skills and ring etiquette. Everything to make you a better handler.

Young people who are interested in Junior Showmanship are encouraged to participate.

Additionally, at the end of the training year (May) a Junior, Senior Showmanship competition is held and judged by either a professional handler or an AKC licensed Judge.

Handling Classes Information Contact: Kitty Sarvinas, 410-465-4055


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