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Notice: DOTC will be offering CGC and CGCA tests on a date to be determined...
We will take 10 dog/handler teams. The cost is $20/dog tested, members and non-members.
To sign up or for more info, contact Gail Phillips at or see her between classes at dog school on Wednesday evenings.

Canine Good Citizen recipients of 2011!
Click photo for larger view...

DOTC offers the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, hereafter referred to as CGC, to all its members and their dogs, pure or mixed breed. The CGC program is designed to teach responsible dog ownership and to certify dogs that have the training and reliability to be well behaved and well adjusted members of their families and communities.

Waiting for the parade of new Canine Good Citizens to go by.

The CGC test is acknowledged and utilized by numerous police and animal control agencies. Various therapy and service organizations rely on the CGC as a screening tool for participants and 17 states have passed Canine Good Citizen resolutions. To date a similar program has been started in at least 8 other countries. A CGC certificate is a prerequisite in many places for dogs to be allowed to live in apartments and condos, and many vacation rentals are using it to measure the acceptance of the family dog. The test is non-competitive and consists of 10 exercises done on lead in which the handler is encouraged to talk to their dog. The dog can wear either a buckle or slip collar.

Head halters or prong collars are not permitted. The handler is not to use food or harsh corrections during the test but is reminded to praise and communicate with their dogs. A dog that shows any sign of aggression such as growling, snapping or biting is not a good citizen and will be dismissed.

The dog and handler who can pass the test have confidence in themselves and each other that they can handle what comes along in life whether it be the vets office - or a couple of loose dogs heading in their direction - or a bike cutting in front of them - or the dog having to stay and wait while the handler goes in a store for a few minutes. They are a team that not only works well together but also visibly enjoys each otherís company. They are a pleasure to have around. We at DOTC salute any and all Canine Good Citizen Teams. We know how much time and effort went in to getting where you are. You have set a great example. Keep up the good work!


To view the AKC - CGC Test Procedures, click here.

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