2019-2020 Training Season | Session 2

Session 2 will begin on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at the Alesia and Medford buildings of the Carroll County Agriculture Center.
The Basic/Beginner class will meet November 6, for their Orientation at 6:30, without the dogs.
Here’s the schedule of classes for Session 2…
2019-2020 Session 2 class schedule

Here’s the current schedule for Session 1…
2019-2020 Session 1 classs chedule – rev2

Would anyone who’s willing to help teach or assist for DOTC’s upcoming season please email President Gail Phillips (gail.m.phillips@comcast.net) and Training Director Adam Willie (willie3315@aol.com) with the following information:
  • The class(es) they’re willing to teach or assist with (please specify whether they want to be the lead instructor or an assistant);
  • the time(s) they are available, and
  • whether this would be a 1 session offer or all year.
Classes and times will be determined once we know who is available and what they are willing to teach or assist with.


October 23 – NO CLASSES (building is unavailable)

October 30, 7:30 Halloween Party (only basic and puppy classes meet)


The DOTC of Maryland, Inc. sends big “congratulations” to one of our Junior Handlers, Grace Brown.  She and her Golden Retriever, Scarlet (Scarlet Fly With the Wind Learn to Swim Later RA CGC TKN) finished their RA (Rally Advanced) title on Sunday, August 18 at the Summer Mountain Cluster Shows.  They finished under Judge Ted Walshesky at the Upper Potomac Valley Kennel  Club’s AM trial.  Good job, well done, Grace and Scarlet!  We are very proud of you!


Year End Awards

DOTC Perpetual TrophiesEvery year, at the DOTC End-of-Year Picnic and Awards Program, Perpetual Trophies are awarded. This year was no exception.The winners’ names are engraved on plates attached to each trophy. The winner keeps the trophy, for one year. It then moves on, the next year, to the next winner. In some cases, this has been going on since 1941! This year’s winners are:

The Whitehouse Walker Trophy (first awarded in 1941; it is given to the team that scores the highest in the highest class at the End-of Year Obedience Fun Match) went to Barbara Awtrey and RACH Maxwell Ferguson Mullen Awtrey CD BN RM4 RAE3 CGCA CGCU TKN FDC.

“The Monster” (first awarded in 1942; origin unknown; it is voted on by previous winners; given to the member voted as the member whose contributions, all around good sportsmanship, and accomplishments have been outstanding) went to Robin Graham and Eleanor Are CGCA TKN RN FDC.

The Gretchen Memorial (was given to DOTC in 1950 by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chubb, in honor of their Doberman Pinscher, Gretchen. It is awarded to the first time trainer team who started in our Basic class. The winner is chosen by the DOTC Instructors) went this year to Junior Handler Samantha Hackley and CH Payley n Hackley’s Cargo.

The Jessie Memorial (donated in 1984 by Pat Conway, in honor of her dog, Jessie. It is awarded to the mixed breed dog and handler who have the highest score at the
End-of-Year Obedience Fun Match) went to Barbara Awtrey and Fenwick CD BN RA CGCA CGCU TKN.

The Doyle Memorial trophy (given in 1997 by Bob Doyle, in memory of his wife, Marilyn; is awarded to the highest scoring team in the End-of-Year Obedience “Veterans” class. This is the Novice exercises for dogs 7 y/o or older.) was awarded to Barbara Awtrey and Fenwick CD BN RA CGCA CGCU TKN.

The Golden’s Rally trophy (donated by Joy White; goes to the team with the highest score at the highest level at the End-of-Year Rally Fun Match) was won this year by Barbara Awtrey and RACH Maxwell Ferguson Mullen Awtrey CD BN RM4 RAE3 CGCA CGCU TKN FDC.

In addition to the Perpetual Trophies, each year, a “Sportsmanship Award” is given. This is voted on by previous winners. This year, the winner was Robin Graham.

Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients!

Fun Match Results

Congratulations to the following DOTC members who placed in the annual DOTC Rally or Obedience Fun Matches. These were held (Rally) on May 15 and (Obedience) May 29 as we concluded our “school year”. If you were not at the annual Picnic and Awards Program, your ribbon(s) will be presented at the first General Meeting of the new year. If you participated, and did not receive your “Participation” ribbon, please see President, Gail Phillips, any evening that we have class, once we resume in September.

Rally Fun Match Results 
Rally Novice “A”
1st – Barbara Jacobs and JR (Weimeraner)
2nd – Heather Bankard and Otis (JRT)
3rd – Tim Prendergast and Links (All American)
Rally Novice “B”
1st Brenda Steward and Duchess (Ches. Bay Ret.)
2nd Dot Decker and Hops (Bernese Mtn Dog)
3rd Jim Steward and Pirate (Ches. Bay Ret.)
4th Patti Cross and Halo (Belgian Malinois)
Rally Intermediate
1st Linda Hulbert and Rain (Am. Cocker Sp.)
2nd Helen Grant and Korra (GSD)
3rd Robin Graham and Eleanor (All American)
4th Lori Perry and Ruby (Golden Retriever)
Rally Advanced “A”
Robin Korotki and Hero (Bernese Mtn. Dog)
Rally Advanced “B”
Barb Awtrey and Annie (All American)
Barb Awtrey and Feni (All American)
No Rally Excellent Entries!
Rally Master
Barb Awtrey and Max (All American)

Obedience Fun Match Results
Obedience Beginner Novice “A”
1st Terri Moebuis and Willie (Min. Am. Shep.)
2nd Erica Corbett and Harlynn (All American)
3rd Heather Bankard and Otis (JRT)
4th Robin Graham and Eleanor (All American)
Obedience Beginner Novice “B”
1st Dru Kappe and Codak (Newfoundland)
2nd Linda Hulbert and Rain (Am. Cocker Spaniel)
3rd Samantha Perry and Phoenix (Gold. Ret.)
4th Lori Perry and Gunny (Corgi)
Obedience Novice “A”
1st Samantha Perry and Dallas (Golden Ret.)
Obedience Novice “B”
1st Patti Cross and Halo (Belgian Malinois)
2nd Lori Perry and Ruby (Golden Retriever)
3rd Michael Gordon and Ozzie (Min. Schnauzer)
4th Gail Phillips and Gedi (GSD)
Obedience Veterans
1st Barb Awtrey and Feni (All American)
2nd Rachael Grant and Belle (Australian Shep.)
3rd Barb Awtrey and Annie (All American)
4th Tim Prendergast and Links (All American)
Obedience Open
1st Barb Awtrey and Max (All American)

Congratulations to all and thanks to our judges (Rally) Gail Phillips and (Obedience) Mariann Hein and Gail Phillips.

DOTC Bylaws – AKC Ratified, 8 February 2019

We are happy to inform you that our DOTC Bylaws have been ratified by the AKC Board of Directors…

Fast CAT

Gail Phillips and Gedi

Congratulations to DOTC President, Gail Phillips and her Gedi (Die Tauben Landung Gedi RA RI CA BCAT CGCU TKN) for earning his DCAT title on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018 at DOTC’s FastCAT event!

Cleo Curry and Blue

DOTC congratulations member Cleo Curry and her Blue (Brier Havens Blue Bandit) on earning their FCAT title.  Blue is only the 5th Australian Cattle Dog to earn this title!  Their title was finished at the Oriole DTC’s October 30, 2018 FastCAT trial. Way to go, Cleo and Blue!

Gail and Barb, with Sascha and Maxwell

Our Own DOTC Rally Champions

Big congratulations to DOTC President, Gail Phillips, and Vice-President, Barb Awtrey. They both found out, today, that they, and their dogs, Sascha and Maxwell, earned their RACH (Rally Champion) titles! Way to go, teams! We are so very proud of you!


Terrible DOTC news

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our long-time Conformation Instructor and friend, Kitty Sarvinas. We send our sincerest condolences to her husband, Gary; her brother Jeff and her niece, Samantha; and her dear friends, Nancy and Conrad Zinkhan. DOTC will not be the same without her.  Memorial Service for Kitty has already occurred.  The family requests that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to DOTC of Maryland, Inc c/o Registrar Robin Graham, 2960 Duvall Road, Woodbine, MD 21797.

Check out Class Registration (All breeds welcome) and our Calendar for the 2018-2019 training season.

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DOTC Snow/Weather Closing Policy

Classes are cancelled if evening classes/activities are cancelled for
Baltimore City, Baltimore County OR Carroll County Schools

For more information on registration for classes:

Robin L. Graham, DOTC Registrar
2960 Duvall Road, Woodbine, MD 21797
410-615-9704   |   

Gail Phillips, DOTC President

Please remember DOTC Accepts ALL dog breeds…