Welcome to training season 2018-19!  Good to see everyone back at the Ag Center.

Check out Class Registration and our Calendar for info for the coming 2018-2019 training season.

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Of Interest

Congratulations to the following DOTC members who were presented with their special award or Perpetual Trophy at the end-of-year picnic in June.
The Perpetual Trophy winners received the plate to attach to the trophy at last night’s General Meeting.
The winners are:
Sportsmanship Special Award: Barbara Awtrey;
The Monster: Michael O’Hara, Bear, Emma, and Sarge;
Gretchen Memorial: Marie Sokoloff and Traxx;
Jessie Memorial: Tim Prendergast and Links;
Doyle Memorial: Fenwick CD BN RA TKN CGCA CGCU (Barb Awtrey);
Goldens Rally: Dezwin’s Dream Catcher VCD1 RAE TDU MX MXJ MJB AXP AJP MXF NFP T2B TKN (Linda Hulbert); and the

Whitehouse Walker: Sascha Dodgetta von der Misty Ridge CDX PCDX RM2 RAE12 OAP OJP CGCA CGCU TKP (Gail Phillips).

Here’s an article on an important topic:
Maryland’s laws when a pet bites someone…

Fast CAT

Gail Phillips and Gedi

Congratulations to DOTC President, Gail Phillips and her Gedi (Die Tauben Landung Gedi RA RI CA BCAT CGCU TKN) for earning his DCAT title on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018 at DOTC’s FastCAT event!


Cleo Curry and Blue

DOTC congratulations member Cleo Curry and her Blue (Brier Havens Blue Bandit) on earning their FCAT title.  Blue is only the 5th Australian Cattle Dog to earn this title!  Their title was finished at the Oriole DTC’s October 30, 2018 FastCAT trial. Way to go, Cleo and Blue!

AKC All-Breed Fast Coursing Ability Test PREMIUM LIST 

DOTC Snow/Weather Closing Policy

Classes are cancelled if evening classes/activities are cancelled for
Baltimore City, Baltimore County OR Carroll County Schools


For more information on registration for classes:

Robin L. Graham, DOTC Registrar
2960 Duvall Road, Woodbine, MD 21797
410-615-9704   |   RLGraham56@aol.com

Gail Phillips, DOTC President