DOTC Memorial Wall

TitanBizzmar Hamlet (Rerun)
9/9/1999 – 8/25/2015

Rerun was only supposed to stay 1 week, when I picked him up at 11 months of age.  He did a lot more that I thought he would, in the areas of rally and agility.  Below is the list of highest titles in each activity that he earned during the 15 years I had him.  In 2008, he was ranked 13th in the top 25 cockers with placements in Rally Advanced and Excellent.  Although he never got a tracking title or a nosework title, he enjoyed those activities as well.  He will be missed.   AKC – rally, obedience & agility Bizmar Hamlet CD, RAE2, AX, AXJ, NF, AXP, AJP, NXP UKC – rally, obedience & agility UCD, UAG1, URO3 Bizzmar Hamlet CPE agility C-ATCH2 Bizzmar Hamlet ChJU, ChST, ChCL, ChFH, ChWC NADAC agility Bizzmar Hamlet S-NAC, O-NCC, NJC-200, S-TN-N, O-TG-N, O-WV-N, HP-N, Novice Versatility, 1000 Lifetime Points USDAA agility Bizzmar Hamlet SPJ

TitanDezwin's Dream Catcher (Catcher)

Catcher has caught a lot of dreams with me and been a great teammate through our 12 year journey. I will miss his "comments" on my handling in agility.
Titles and activities: AKC rally, obedience, tracking, agility &amp trick dog – Dezwin's Dream Catcher VCD1 RAE TDU MX MXJ MJB MXP AJP MXF XFP T2B TKN; UKC rally, obedience, agility & conformation – UGRACH, UROC, UCD, CH Dezwin’s Dream Catcher; CPE agility – C-ATE, C-ATCH3 Dezwin’s Dream Catcher ExST, ExCL, ExWC, ExSN, ExJP, ExFH, ExJU; NADAC agility – Dezwin’s Dream Catcher O-OCC, S-EJC, O-EAC, O-TG-E, TNE-400, WVE-300, O-HP-E, BR-E, 2500 Lifetime Points; USDAA agility – Dezwin’s Dream Catcher AD, AG; NAFA flyball – Dezwin’s Dream Catcher FGDCH; Barn Hunt – Dezwin’s Dream Catcher RATNX, RATO, CZ8B; MDSA freestyle – Dezwin’s Dream Catcher NFD

TitanUKC CH RBIS RO3 Snowking’s Titan of Winterthur CD BN GN RAE2 NDD FDC TKN CGCU THD, 3/5/2010 – 7/31/2019
“Our journey together has ended but the memories will last a lifetime.”
Robin Korotki

Rest in peace Rio (Rowland’s Diamond Rio of Hilmar, CGC),  2/10/05 – 1/26/19.  He was loved by John and Joan Southard.

This memorial wall is dedicated to Sascha Dodgetta von der Misty Ridge CDX PCDX RM4 RAE13 OAP OJP CGCA CGCU TKP beloved friend, companion and teammate of DOTC President, Gail Phillips (2016 to present). Sascha crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 24 August 2018. This wall will serve to celebrate and memorialize our dearly loved and missed companions who have gone ahead and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again…